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Thread: workout schedule

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    workout schedule

    hey I was just curious if working out 6 times a week is good. This is my schedule right now

    Monday: Chest, Tricep, Abs
    Tuesday: Lower body
    Wednesday: Back, Shoulders, Biceps
    Thursday: same as monday
    Friday: same as tuesday
    Saturday: same as wednesday

    Is this good or should I adjust it to get more rest? Also what is the best day to do abs? Should I do it on lower body days since squat uses abs alot?

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    get more rest!


    wed-off or cardio
    friday -lower
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    Agreed. you might wanna lurk in on my thread about critqueing my new routine. it's a 2 day upper/lower with cardio kinda like what getfit is talking about. might give you some ideas.
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    Your progress is your gauge of what works or doesn't.
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    How much volume per day?


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