The title of this thread grabbed your attention, didn’t it? Adding 15 lbs of primarily lean muscle mass in one month may seem like a pipedream to many of you. You slave away 4, 5, or more days a week in the gym and you faithfully take your protein supplements yet you just don’t get the results you want. The resulting frustration has made you decide you are one of those “hard gainers” and that getting huge without drugs just isn’t in the cards for you.

You’re not a “hard gainer”, you just haven’t done it right! If you follow the instructions in this thread you WILL gain 15 lbs of mass in one month! Yeah, I know, you have read it all before and I am full of it. Yes and no. This thread is geared primarily to those who are either relatively new to training or have been doing it all wrong since they have been training. The natural guy who is 210 lbs with relatively low body fat may not gain 15 lbs but he will make phenomenal progress.

The program and dietary regimen described here WILL pack on the mass at an unprecedented rate and will make you a bigger and stronger individual than you currently are regardless of your training experience.

Diet and training play equal parts in this plan with respect to the fact that if you don’t eat enough you won’t be gaining much of anything and if you don’t train you certainly won’t be gaining anything but fat!

The number one mistake most young men make when trying to gain muscular weight is that they just don’t eat enough! A natural trainee simply isn’t going to get huge eating like a bird! You might think you are eating a “lot” but you aren’t. Your stomach needs to adapt in order to allow you to consume sufficient calories. You might be full but that doesn’t mean you are eating enough to support massive gains. Now, I am not suggesting that you eat until you vomit but you need to eat until you are uncomfortable and eat when you are not feeling hungry. Over time your stomach will adapt and it will not be difficult to consume the necessary number of calories.

What is the necessary number of calories? For young men in the 17-22 year old range 25 calories per pound of body weight are the minimum. If you don’t see rapid enough results with that you can increase from there. You should consume healthy foods which are as natural as possible, calorie dense, and high in quality protein. Just SOME of the best foods are as follows:

Red meats
Whole milk
Peanut butter

I know the following is going to sound like a plug and I suppose it is but it is also my absolute honest opinion. If you want to optimize your gains you need to supplement properly. You need to include the 3 following supplements:

Nitrean or Opticen (protein supplements)
Creatine 500 (Creapure TM creatine monohydrate)
ETS (a completely unique product that will greatly enhance you recovery)

My company, AtLarge Nutrition sells each of the above products ( and they are as good as it gets in terms of quality and efficacy.

A solid protein supplement is a must when trying to gain as much muscle mass as possible. Nitrean and Opticen use a blend of whey, casein, and egg proteins for increased net retention and therefore results.

Creatine is the most scientifically proven supplement ever offered. It will increase mass and strength for the vast majority of those who use it. If you want to be as big and strong as you can be naturally creatine is a MUST.

At the beginning of this thread I mentioned that no appreciable progress in size or strength will occur without training. This is an immutable fact. What is also a fact is that if you can train harder, longer, and more frequently and still properly recover from said exercise you will make greater progress at a faster pace. ETS allows just that to occur. It is a completely unique, and in my opinion utterly amazing supplement that SAFELY enhances recovery ability quite dramatically in most users.

If you want to add maximum mass in a minimum timeframe Nitrean (or Opticen), Creatine 500, and ETS are the supplement keys!

You can eat right and supplement correctly but you HAVE to bust your ass in the gym if you want your ultimate goal of huge size and strength to come to fruition. More accurately, you have to PROPERLY bust your ass in the gym to make optimal progress in size and strength. If you want to add 15 lbs of mass in the next month give the following routine a go:


The set and rep schemes will be displayed in the following manner:

4 x 8/8/6*/6*

The first number is the total count of sets to include warm-ups. The following numbers separated by a “/” are the individual set rep counts. So, in the above example you would perform 4 sets of 8 reps for the 1st set, 8 reps for the 2nd set, and 6 reps for the 3rd and 4th sets. Each rep count with an asterisk following it indicates this is a working set and not a warm-up. Again, in the above example the last 2 sets are working sets which are to be taken to within 1-3 reps of concentric failure.


Stiff-legged deadlift – 5 x 8/8/6/6/15*

Rest at least 10 minutes

Squats – 5 x 10/8/6/8*/8* --- Take a 5 minute rest between working sets.

Calf raises – 3 x 10/20*/20*


Standing military press – 6 x 8/8/6/6*/4*/4* --- Rest 5 minutes between working sets.

Weighted dips – 3 x 10/10*/10*

Weighted chins (if possible to use added weight) – 3 x 10/8*/8*


Deadlifts – 4 x 10/6/3/3*

Leg press – 5 x 10/8/10*/10*/10* --- Rest 5 minutes or more between working sets.

That’s it! This program works the largest muscles of your body intensely and will stimulate MASSIVE gains in overall size and strength if combined with the diet tips and supplements indicated above. You progress will be so incredible your friends will accuse you of being on steroids!

What are you waiting for? Get the products, foods, and get your training in order and be 15 lbs bigger in ONE MONTH!