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Thread: wbb routine 2. superset? rest?

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    wbb routine 2. superset? rest?

    love wbb routine 1 cause it got me started into lifting weights. after about a month and a half of it though, i changed it up to low reps, high sets training w/ other exercises (my 2nd routine). i have been doing this recent routine for about a month and a half as well, and want to switch to wbb routine #2.
    now with background out of the way, here comes my two questions
    towards the end of my 2nd routine (not wbb #2, havent started that yet), i started supersetting different exercises and had been feeling sorer (the good sore; kind you know you worked hard) and i was sweating like a dog; wondering if i should do this as well with WBB #2?

    also, i was wondering if i could do the following, just a little change in the order:

    day 1:
    day 2:
    day 3:
    (possibly another rest, see how it feels)

    id like to get the exercises in more frequently. i feel i am pretty rested up if i give my different muscle groups about 3-4 days of rest vs. waiting 6 days before repeating the same muscle group with wbb #2

    what do you guys think? also, should i superset 2 chest exercises, then move onto two back exercises, then move on to two more chest etc...
    or should i superset a pair of exercises, one being a push and the other a pull.
    the first suggestion with the 2 chest exercises is more for working the chest harder, the second is more for me keeping my heart rate up. which is the better idea?
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    Either way will work. The key is to keep adding weight to the bar.

    I do think you should stick with a routine for longer than 6 weeks - a beginner can keep making gains on the same basic routine for much, much longer than that.
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    yea, i agree. but my old routine kind of was discouraging the way i had it setup. cant really say why. possibly because there were a few exercises it had that i couldnt really see the effects etc eg pullovers. or maybe because i only did chest one day, back the other versus chest/back same day which is what WBB #2. i will probably stick w/ wbb#2 much longer. did the first day of it and i already like it a lot more. newer exercises and such...

    also, i kept trying weird variations in my old routine, and it messed me up cause the weight i lifted would change depending on the different inclines, for example, i did so it wasnt the most encouraging thing because my lift numbers wernt continuing to go up. i need a fresh start which is why im switching to the wbb#2
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