Just yesterday I was in the middle of some HIIT sprints and I came up lame because I tweaked my right hamstring. It's not directly on the back of my leg, sort of on the back but closer to the knee and the outside of my leg.

Anyway, I'm obviously pissed and discouraged. I have a some gym sessions coming up on M, W and F and I have a couple of questions about what I should and should not do.

Monday I'll be doing the following:
Low incline DB Benchpress
Pull ups
BB row

Wednesday I'll be doing:
Front squat
Hack Squat
Leg curl
Calf raises

Friday shouldn't matter since it's a delt, tri, bi day.

So what should I drop or modify if my hammy is tweaked? I don't think it's a pull, I see no swelling bruising or anything. The pain during movement is minimized since I've got it wrapped right now.