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Thread: Squat is Stalling

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    Squat is Stalling

    My bench and DL are gradually progressing.

    My bench is up to 1 at 275 and my dead is up to 360 but my squat is only at 286 and I think it should be much higher than this.

    I am 5' 8" and 175lbs, I don't use shirts or suits but IMO my squat is relatively the weakest of my lifts, at this weight am I at a level where i need to be using bands etc or is it a case of needing to get stronger (somehow!) before using variable resistance?

    When the weights gets to the top end of my limit on squats I feel like I am bending very far forward is this an indication of anything?

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated

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    It's an indication that either your form is off or your erectors are weak.

    Your squat is not weak in comparison to your deadlift. However your squat and deadlift are both weak in comparison to your bench.
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    Thanks Crippler yeah I guess my bench i the strongest. (Comes from when I atarted training and jusr wanted a 'big chest' trying to work it around though.

    Now you mention form my training partner has noticed that when squatiing I lower evenly but sometimes on the upward phase I twist slightly so that my left shoulder ends up slightly more frontal than the right. This mainly occurs through the middle portion of the lift.

    Any ideas?

    Sorry for the continued questions!
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    work your core more. sldls, etc.. make sure your abs are strong too.

    also, eat more. your lifts will go up
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    Form sounds a little off to me. I would concentrate on perfecting the form. Maybe lower the weight a notch and then work back up. I sometimes have to do that when I find I'm getting too sloppy in trying to add on more weight.
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    Yeah... I'd say some higher rep work is called for... submaximal, work to fatigue. The later reps in a high-rep set will quickly point out where the problems are, you'll see where you're breaking down in form and/or strength. Go from there.
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