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Thread: Training/Creatine at different times during the week?

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    Training/Creatine at different times during the week?

    First of all I've been somewhat of a lurker but now I am beginning to know enough where I can actually contribute to this forum though so hopefully I will begin posting more actively.

    I was wondering if it matters if your workout time varies during the weak. I just started my freshman year of college and my schedule is a little eradic to say the least. I am following a somewhat modified Max-OT program and on Monday Wednesday Friday I workout around 4:00 in the afternoon while on Tuesday and Thursday I workout at around 10:00 in the morning. I just received Omega Thunder CEE and take it according to the time that I train that day.

    Should I be letting my body rest closer to a full 24 hours before training or taking CEE, or does it not really matter?
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    if you are working different muscles it doesnt really matter

    and dont modify the Max-OT plan, its perfect as it is


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