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    any tips on long distance running
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    pace yourself, stay hydrated
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    dont drink or eat much an hour before the race, but make sure your eating good and drinking lots of water before this time. stay out of the sun, and if you must, drink small amounts of water during this last hour. some point during this time period you need to get warmed up and stretched.

    i cant give all that much advice, im a piss poor runner. it wasnt until this morning that i sucessfully ran an entire 5k without stopping to walk once. yet somehow i hardly got faster at all, i guess its cause i was sick

    are you a long distance runner looking to improve performance or are you totally untrained and thinking about long distance running?

    if you're the latter, and training for a shorter long-distance run (like a 5k, which is about all i can help you with), i would advise lots of hiit style cardio in intervals. ex: run 4 800's, 4 400's, and 4 200's with less time than it takes you to run one for rest in between. do this type of thing a few times a week and on the other days run 6+ miles at a constant speed but on most of them you shouldnt be taking it easy, its just a different kind of hard and its just as important as the intervals.

    theres plenty of people on here who could help you more, but good luck
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    depends what type of running your doing if your running to lose weight just keep yourself at a high pace and run for about 5km
    if your doing a 5km race you run at a fairly quick pace but keep energy for the last 800m since its a sprint to the finish
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