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Thread: Shoulder pain.

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    Shoulder pain.

    I have injured my shoulder after a night out, i do not remember what i did to it but the injury was not that bad. i was then the next day playing front yard footy and when i went in for a tackle it really hurt.

    it hurts right in the joint, and if i extend my arm backwards, then bring it around the front it feels like it pops out. then when i raise my arm i feel pressure on it and i can hear and feel it pop back in. and often i hear it crack.

    there is also pain when i push my shoulder down.

    does anyone know what i have done?

    Thanks, Matt

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    i would go to a doc for this this sounds similar to one of my shoulder injuries.

    When you lift your arm and extend it over head does it hurt?

    do you have a hard time lifting up your arm at all?

    mine ended up fractured quite bad but i had a different type of accident from yours
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    i can extene my arm above my head without pain, and move it in most directions.

    but when i lift objects or bump it it hurts,it feels like it is hurt at the back of my shoulder and i can hear and feel the clicking inside the joint, it also hurts in there.

    mum thinks it may be tendonitious, could i get it from this type accidnet?

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    I believe tendonitis is more of an over use injury. It develops over time, not from just one incident. I think you've most likely just strained something in there. i did it myself a few months back messing aroud on the skateboard. I just took it easy and it was fine in a couple of weeks. Your best bet is to refrain from using it. If it doesn't begin to improve go and see a doc/physio.

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    thanks stack and getfit.

    stack thats exactly what my mum said, god it sucks cause i cant do any upper body work because most of the time my shoulder is in use. guess i will just have to get my leg gynormious and get my left bicep to the same size as my right.

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    Any visible swelling?

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    mabe a little, just from touching each shoulder it feels like the one which is hurt is alot more softer, when as on the good shoulder it is hard.


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