Since two weeks ago my left tricep starts hurting even during the warm up sets of my CGBP. It hurts so much that I just don't do them. Before CGBP I've done my chest which consists of BB Bench, Incline DB Press, Pec Deck. After this I do CGBP and then move onto dips or skull crushers (Perferably dips but it all depends on how busy it is at the gym)

2 weeks ago when I did my warm up set I thought I fooked up my left tri because it hurt bad. I walked around a bit, massaging it. Then thought I'd try dips. No problem I thought!! I went to do CGBP and again pain. First thing I thought was that maybe my form was off, but I had someone watch me that I trusted, and I had proper form. Is there something I'm missing? Anyone get into a similar mess?