Some background first....
I started lifting seriously in Nov 04 and have now got the bug, never miss a training session and currently doing wbb#1. I like to think I have gained a huge amount of knowledge from this board but at the same point have so much to learn.
I have the luxury of a garage and use free weights with my bench. I'm adding weight and equipment all the time and has been named Renwick's Gym (my surname).

I started out working out with my mate but have now added one of my mates son (16) to the gym. There's even talk of his younger brother wanting to join us when he's older.
I've even thought about going to college part time to study being a gym instructor! Have I got the bug or what? I get told i'm strict but thats what they need a little discipline or they wouldn't make the progress they should or know what exercises to do even though I've got a printout of wbb#1 on the wall.

This is all down to this board for making me have the hunger that I knew was there deep inside.

Right now for a bit of help I wanna print some sayings out and stick them to the garage wall to improve Renwick's Gym. Like "Get big or die trying"