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Thread: RamRom's diet/training log

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    RamRom's diet/training log

    Here we go (VERY LONG)

    150lbs 5'7
    training for 2 years been cutting for 4 month

    on monday OCT 3rd i'll be starting my bulking diet and training

    Meal 1: Morning

    5 egg Whites with 2 whole large eggs
    1 cup oatmeal (cooked)

    Meal 2: 9:45

    1 scope Protein Shake with skim milk
    1 Cup Kashi Go Lean
    1 cup oatmeal (cooked)

    Meal 3: 12:00

    1 tuna with veggies
    2 Cup of Brown Rice

    Meal 4: 2:45

    1 scope Protein Shake consisting in skim milk
    1 Spone BP
    1 cup oatmeal (cooked)

    Meal 5: Before Gym

    BioProtein Bar

    Meal 6: After GYM

    2 scope Protein

    Meal 7: 8:00

    6oz lean steak Salad (olive oil) and veggies
    1 cups brown rice

    Meal 8: Before Bed

    1 cup Cottage Cheese with honey

    plus cheats here and there

    FAt:65 CARBS: 404 PROT: 312 CALS:3417


    DAY 1


    Decline low cable crossover (touch hands at waistline) 8 X 8
    Bench press to neck 8 X 8
    Incline Dumbbell Press (palms facing each other) 8 X 8
    Wide Grip V-Bar Dips 8 X 8


    Drag Curl 8 X 8
    Preacher curl (top of bench at low pec line) 8 X 8
    Incline Dumbbell Curl 8 X 8


    Zottman Curl 8 X 8
    Barbell Wrist Curl 8 X 8

    DAY 2


    Dumbbell Side Lateral raise seated 8 X 8
    Wide Grip upright row 8 X 8
    Front to back barbell shoulder press 8 X 8
    Dumbbell bent over rear deltoid lateral 8 X 8


    Kneeling rope extension 8 X 8
    Lying Tricep Extension 8 X 8
    2 Dumbbell Tricep Kickback 8 X 8

    DAY 3


    Sternum Chin up 8 X 8
    High bench two dumbbell rowing 8 X 8
    Low cable row with 18" high pulley 8 X 8
    Medium Grip Lat Pulldown to Chest 8 X 8


    Double Crunch (pull in knees and elbows together at same time) 8 X 8
    Weighted Crunch 8 X 8 Lying Bent Knee Leg Raises 8 X 8

    DAY 4


    Front Squat 8 X 8
    Hack machine squat 8 X 8
    Leg Extension 8 X 8

    Supine Leg Curl 8 X 8
    Seated leg Curl machine 8 X 8

    Standing Calf raise 8 X 20
    Seated Calf raise 8 X 20

    PLEASE CRITIC MY DIET, i wanna know if it's enough protein and carbs trying the 8x8 training and it working for me and feel good about it


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    8 sets of 8? dude, too much volume!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian Crippler
    8 sets of 8? dude, too much volume!
    it's working for me


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