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    For you single guys

    What do you all think of these scenario's?

    1) Foreplay is the key! If you have her screaming even before you've gotten in there you're already half way to becoming a better lover. When making love time goes faster when someone is doing something to you rather than the other way around. Someone giving a massage feels like they've been doing it a lot longer than someone getting one. Same thing, so just keep the stimuli on her...

    2) Sit down on the bed with your knees up. Let her sit between your legs facing away from you. While kissing the back of her neck rub everywhere on her body. Chest, stomach, inside of her thighs, etc. Don't immediately go for the magic spot. Just keep her guessing. Then when she's writhing you can go for it. If you want to be daring ask "What do you want me to do now?" She'll most probably get the dirty talk going eventually and it allows you to control the situation.

    3) There are a bunch of erogenous zones you should be licking, kissing, etc.:
    -inside of her elbow.
    -inside of her thighs.
    -right below the waist line.
    -inside of the knee.
    -wrists and ankles.

    4) Never, ever go down on a girl on a first date. Just lick everywhere else to let her know that you will only if she keeps coming back for more.

    5) Before actually having sex either wait at least 20 to 30 minutes doing the above or when she's begging for it.. Whichever comes first.

    6) (Optional) When going out with a chick ask her before hand: "Can I make a little request for your outfit this evening?" She will be curious and ask you what it is. You say, "It would be really nice if you could wear a skirt for me. I think you have great legs." Most likely she will say yes. If she does then up the ante by saying, "Can you make wearing underwear optional?" or something to that effect. She might say no. If she does you can either say, "I'll do it too if you do." or "It'd be nice to give you a look during dinner about our little secret." If you get her to do it she'll be marinating by the end of the night..

    Any thoughts guys? or ladies?
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