Alright, so it's journal time.

So, ksw3153 and I are brand spanking new to the forums. We happen to be in similar situations so we decided to start a little journal in which we can compare results, provide encouragement and perhaps compete a little.
And of course advice anyone can give along the way will be greatly appreciated.

I'll let ksw3153 post his stats but here's my basic info:
I'm 27, 6'1" and as of last week 160lb. I started WBB1 last week and dig it so far. I also do about 20-30 minutes of pretty light cardio twice a week. I'm thinking of changing that to some HIIT but haven't really looked into it yet.
I just started up fitday to get an idea of what my diet is really like. I'm eating 6 small meals a day but they are probably not up to par just yet. I'll get into the details of the diet and my workouts a bit later.

Another thing I need to figure out is a realistic goal weight. I'm thinking 180lb by year end is do-able. Any thoughts?

Alright ksw3153 , you're on....