Here's the thing... First i want to say what i will eat through my day...

Morning hours:

7;00: 1/2 serving of weight gainer and 2 scoops Whey (48gs)
8:30: Natural whole wheat bread w/ a ton of natty pb
9:30: 2 cups of oatmeal
10:30-12:30 at least a quarter of bottle of peanuts unsalted

1:30: depends on what im not sick of :6 ounces of turkey, roast beef or a half a chicken w/rice a breans.

Sleep in my car on lunch break so my body can rest more

after i might eat the peanuts to 3/4 of the bottle.

Pre workout, now i take either 1/2 serving weight gainer with some whey protein so it could get to muscles faster

After working out of course 2 or 3 scoops of whey i might eat a total chicken breat, fried bananas w/rice and beans and keep switching with steak or beef. On one of my off days i might Mc Donalds just to get some more cals in and fat quicker. AND FINALLY cottage cheese before bed...

This my new diet ive made for myself.. I've go through phases switching it up of course along with the way i workout.. so far i made a ton of gains in the gym.. I went from benching 185 last week to 250x3 this week.. SO after all, do you think my diet is bad, somethings need to be taken out?..