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Thread: Hey Apple, take your fliping iPod up yours!

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    Hey Apple, take your fliping iPod up yours!

    I bought, last satuday to be exact, an ipod 20gig... Was I excited...hell after paying about 400$ w/ a case and warranty I have the damn best mp3 player out there... Over the past week I've been taking soo much care of this thing that its unbelievable! I just love my iPod!...well not so fast...after 7 days.. the darn thing just...yup...died....its dead! What kind of a joke is this? I guess more is not always better huh... well screw you Apple and kiss my tanned ass!!!! ...please..give me a week? thats just a big f-ing joke! Funny that this piece of junk only lasted 7 days and my Compaq iPaq which is about 4 years old and has been dropped a zillion time is still alive. To top it off it only cost 125$ back then & it was refurbished...

    Nice job Apple! Real ****ing nice!
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