any of you guys own magnetic plates for microloading? i think i am going to buy some. any decent prices for them? first website i really looked at had them for ~$13 shipped for a 1.25 lb plate
attaching one plate to each dumbell wont really change where i need to grip etc. since its such a tiny weight, correct?
should i just order two 1.25 lb plates and then decide if i should order two more 1.25 lbs or two 2.5lbs later?
any of you use these magnetic plates for other exercises besides dumbells i.e. bench press? or are they so small its not worth it for big compound movements like that? just wondering cause they have a hexagon version of the weight and donut version (which could slide onto a barbell) and i wanna see if its practical to use it for other things besides dumbells

thanks for any help