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Thread: just started WBB#1 - need to change a couple things

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    just started WBB#1 - need to change a couple things

    hey, today was my friend and my first day of the wbb#1 routine, we both loved today and think the routine's going be great. However, I'm just working out in my school's gym right now because the gym I usually goto shortened its time frame for us under 19ers and I have football practice/games after school every day. So we work out at lunch.

    The only problem is that there's no squat rack, and I love squats

    I'm thinking of replacing the squats with lunges, and we can't do hack squats either, what do you guys suggest we do that will have an equal effect?

    I could do squats on saturdays, but that messes a lot up.

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    Dumbell squats. Try it. Why can't you do hack squats? I assume that you are referring to free weight hacks, right?

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    You can do deadlifts, but you can't do hack squats?

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    Clean and press the bar, then squat. Do front squats and zerchers. Do SLDLs and RDLs. Find a way!

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