The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Jun 2005

    Eat Lift Sleep Repeat

    I am 5'11 and ~149. I have been lifting for about 3 months, lifting correctly for about a month and a half as of today. I have used this site from the beginning, and it has helped me immesnley. I have gained almost a steady 10lbs.

    I constantly forget my journal everywhere, therefor I will start keeping track here.

    My routine is WBBR#1

    Monday : Chest & Back
    Tuesday : Off
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday : Off
    Friday : Shoulders, Tri's, Bi's
    Sat: Off
    Sun: Off

    I am currently bulking, eating everything in site whenever possible.

    My shakes consist of 2 Cups Skim Milk, 2 Scoops whey, 2 TBSP peanut butter, 1 Cup Oatmeal.

    I have one in the morning, one pre workout, one at night.

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    Jun 2005

    October 12, 2005

    • Shake + 3 Eggs + 4 Pcs Bread
    • 2 Chicken Sandwiches
    • Pre Workout Shake
    • Beef Roast + Veg
    • Shake

    Workout (Legs)
    Squats__Hack Squats__St Leg D/Ls__Leg Curls__Leg Raises__Calf Raises
    110x8_______140x8_________140x8________65x8_______N/A_________"140x10 "______"
    120x6_______150x8_________150x8________65x7_______N/A_________"________"______" "
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    Jun 2005

    October 17

    Not really

    Shake (+ A banana)
    Lunch 2 open faced turkey sandwiches, 2 milks, green beans
    Pre Workout Shake
    Jambolia w/ sausage
    Tuna Casserole
    Night Shake

    Chest And Back
    Bench Press 130x7 | 130x6
    Incline DB Press 50x8 | 55x7
    Dips BWx8 | BWx8
    Lat Pulldown 100x8 | 110x8
    Deadlift 165x8 | 175x8
    BB Rows 120x6 | 110x8
    Shrugs 110x8
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    Jun 2005
    Morning Shake
    Pre Workout Shake
    Turkey Helper
    1 can tuna w/ mayo & bread
    Night Shake

    Squats: 120x8 | 125x8 (Abs crap out before legs for some reason)
    Hack Squats: 150x8 | 150x7 (Significantly improved form)
    St Leg D/L's: 150x8 | 150x8 (Flexed gluts along with hammies, felt pretty good)
    Leg Extensions: 120x8 | 130x8
    Leg Curls: 75x8 | 75x7
    Calf Raises: 120x10 | 125x10 |125x10 | 130x10

    Got tired toward end of workout, I believe I am getting sick. I plan on getting alot of sleep tonight. Overall the workout was good, improved form on a couple things, and increased weight.

    My friends and I will be taking pictures on Friday. We have no beginning pictures, and as of right now we are approximatley 2 months in.
    We will be taking pictures monthly from this point on to track gains, I will be posting weight and measurements aswell.
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    Banned M.J.H.'s Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Good luck man, I love the name of your journal!

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    Jun 2005

    October 20

    Friday Morning Weigh In 156.0

    Morning Shake
    8" Turkey Hoagie, 1 Apple, 1 Whole milk
    Pre Workout Shake
    Clam lingunie
    Spaghetti + Sausage
    Night Shake

    Shoulders, Tri's, and Bi's (Now forearms too!)
    Military Press: 70x8 | 75x8
    Seated Db Press: 35x8 (AR) | 35x6 (Lifted myself from the seat a little, might be a CR)
    Alternating Lat Raise: 7.5x5x5 | 7.5x5x5
    Narrow Grip Bench Press: 105x8 | 110x7(AR) (Felt amazing)
    French Press: 65x8 | 70x5 (Weight dropped coming up on 6)
    BB Curls: 75x7 | 75x7 (Arched back on 7)
    Hammer Curls: 30x7 (Better form)
    Wrist Roller 20xFullLength | 20xHalfLength (BURRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNN)
    Wrist Curl: 20x8 | 25x8
    Rev Wrist curl: 15x8 | 20x8 (Modified, done standing up, held the arm being worked slightly elevated with the free arm; felt better with 15 than with 20)

    Edit: Just remembered I completly forgot abs. This may be for the better, friday's are long to begin with, and I added forearms so maybe I will do abs on leg days.
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    Jun 2005

    October 24

    Morning Shake
    2 Wimpie's Broccoli Home Fries 2 whole milks
    Preworkout shake
    Half PB Sandwich + 1/2 Chicken Wrap + 1/2 Lunch & Meat Wrap (lol, my friend feeds me alot. woo!)
    1 can tuna on white w/ mayo
    Night Shake

    Chest And Back
    Bench Press: 145x8 | 150x6 (I just found out you are supposed to include the bar weight, that accounts for sudden jump in weight. Sets felt good, good form also.)
    Incline DBP: 55x8 | 55x7
    Dips: BW+5x8 | BW+5x7 (Sharp pain immediatley after set, fades into burn)
    Lat Pulldown: 100x8 | 105x8 (I don't like these, want to get a chinup bar asap)
    Deadlift: 180x8 | 185x7 (Pretty good form I think, switched to mixed grip)
    BBRows : 110x7 | 110x7 (Switched to a wider grip, still not sure if I am doing them right)
    Shrugs: 110x10 (Realized I am supposed to do reps of 10, need to work on form, possibly drop weight)

    Good workout, lost energy quick, but pushed out the sets nonetheless.
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    Jun 2005

    November 7

    Alright, so I got Gonna start fresh :-)

    Skipped friday. Too tired after football + weed.

    Today was chest and back. I didn't each lunch today either, because the food sucked that bad today at lunch. This isn't good.

    Bench Press: 155x7 160x5 (These felt pretty good)
    Incline DP Press: 60x7 60x6 (These sucked + weight dropped because I kind of crushed the tip of my index finger while unloading the barbell. Couldn't grip the left db)
    Deadlifts: 160x8 170x7 185x5 200x3 (I like this new method of dl'ing)
    Shrugs: 100x10
    Mil Press: 80x6 75x7 (Very tired at this point)
    Narrow Grip BP: 110x8 115x7 (Still tirrrreddddd)
    BBCurls: 70x10 (I went for a high rep range for some reason. Said **** it after the first set)
    Wrist Roller: 30xFull 30x3/4 (Left forearm didn't feel worked as much, I am assuming it's because i wasn't gripping that hand as tight due to my finger injury)

    Today kind of sucked for the most part except for rows. I complelty forgot dips, which i am going to replace w/ decline bench next week, and lat pulls. OOPS :-X. Made up for some of my excs missed on friday.
    Tomorrow is a new day. Looking forward to squatting this week.

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    Jun 2005

    November 11

    It's actually the fourteenth, but I am just now getting around to posting.

    Mil Press: 80x5 85x7 +15lb
    Seated DB Press: 35x8 40x8
    Lat Raise: 15x10 15x10
    Narrow Grip BP: 110x8 120x7 +15lb
    French Press: 60x8 65x8
    BB Curl: 80x7 80x6
    Hammer Curl: 35x8
    Wrist Roller: 30xF 30xF
    Wrist Curl: 25x8 25x8
    Rev Wrist Curl: 20x8 25x8

    I think it was a good workout. Don't remember really.

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    Jun 2005

    November 14

    Flat BP: 90x10 115x8 140x5 155x3 170x1 +15lb (WOOO! I maxed 185 today, and could have done more. Felt excellent)
    Incline DBP: 65x5 65x5 (These were hard..I think i'll do the same weight next week anyway)
    Deadlift: 135x10 155x8 180x5 205x3 +15lb (Felt good)
    B/O BBRow: 105x8 115x6 +15lb (Good form, feels good now)
    Shrugs: 105x10
    Chinups: BWx8 BWx7
    Dips: BWx8 BWx8

    Good workout..
    Did chinups + dips at park

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    Jun 2005
    Went to an ACTUAL GYM today. I must say, I enoyed it alot. I think i will be taking advantage of my school's weight room from now on. I walked like I got porked in the ass for about 10 minutes after this workout.

    Squats: 110x10 130x7 160x5 185x3
    Hack Squats: 160x7 170x6
    Leg Curls: 70x8 80x8
    St Leg DL: 160x8 170x8
    Calf Raises: Some wierd machine..don't know the weight. Some lady stole if after 2nd set.

    Good workout all in all. I <3 the gym.

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    Jun 2005
    S T B

    Mil Press: 95x12 115x7 120x4
    Seated DB Press: 35x8 35x6
    Alt. Lat Raise: 10x10
    Narrow Grip BP: 90x12 120x8 125x8
    French Press: 65x7 65x6
    St Bar Curl: 65x8 75x8
    Then did some abs + forearm stuff

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    Jun 2005
    C & B
    Bench 105x10 130x7 155x5 180x3
    Inc DB Press 60x8 65x5 (Almost 6! SO CLOSE!)
    Dips BWx8 BWx7
    Chins BWx5 BWx4 (Move grip in + get assist)
    Deadlifts 145x10 165x8 180x5 215x3 (Apprx.. I forget exact #'s)
    BB Rows 105x8 110x7
    Shrugs 110x10

    Awesome workout.. I <3 Real gyms

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    Jun 2005
    Squat 115x10 135x7 160x5 185x3
    Hack Squat 155x8 180x8
    SLDL 170x8 180x8
    Leg Curl 70x8 80x8
    Calf Raises 200x8x3

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    Senior Member bschatz88's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    The Fridge
    Good lower body day man, looks like your lifts have been goin up
    20 years old
    6' 1"
    Current Weight:175 (10/28/08)
    Clean Bulk


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