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Thread: Protein amount in chicken breast?

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    Protein amount in chicken breast?

    I just bought some frozen chicken breast today and inside there are 2 pieces that weights around 400 grams. However, after subtracting the cover and wrapping, the remaining weight should be approximately 250 grams.

    Can someone tell me how much protein does a 2 piece chicken breast that weighs 250g contain?

    Also, are there any sites that states down the nutrition value of different foods?

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    It varies very little, but your looking at around 50g-55g for the 250g of chicken that you have
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    Check out this Nutrition Analysis Tool...


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    are sure the packaging weighed 150 grams? thats sound quite a lot to me. If so, you could save some money by not getting chicken in a fancy packaging, as you do not eat the packaging(a less really hungry).
    chicken breast in a plastic bag - the packaging will not weigh more than like 30 grams.

    100 grams of chicken breast(no skin) will have about 20-28 grams protein in. so times up the % to the amount you eat.
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