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    If I don't feel sore the next day, I feel like I have failed. I've been working out since 9th grade (I'm a sophomore in college) and I still manage to get somewhat sore after each workout, especially after chest or leg day (my chest day is monday, I usually hurt til friday) any of you guys/gals feel like this? That is, no soreness = didn't challenge my body enough.

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    Soreness isn't an indication of a good or bad workout. So stop worrying about it. This has also been talked about 10 million times before. If you're seeing progress that's all that matters. Soreness means jack crap.
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    we have coverd this topic many of times.

    soreness is NOT an indicator that you're not progressing.
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    Worrying about whether you're sore or not is probably why you still weigh 144lbs after 4+ years of training. No offense.
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