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Thread: Shoulder injury, should I worry?

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    Shoulder injury, should I worry?

    Hello all.. I am new to the world of giving a damn about what I eat and what I do to burn calories.. I used to skate - a whole lot then I got into an accident and blew my left shoulder...2 years later it was still blown and would fall out of place any time I even changed the pace at which my arms would swing. I had surgery then, I have a screw from my shoulder to my colar its been years since then (about 5) and I still have problems with such things as sustaining weight, or raising my arm for long periods of time causing me pain on the shoulder.. It is not that I have pain all the time, only if I am carrying like 80lbs over my head for a couple of minutes - which I do often since I work in a datacenter.

    Should this affect the *way* I train? My goal is to drop fat and build lean mass, but this is a short term goal for maybe a year or so. After that I plan to bulk up nice and slow to put on as much lean mass and little body fat as possible. I want to hit the 220lb mark with a low bf%.

    Should I train light at first, just deal with the pain, maybe take some supplements? I hear creatine is good for this.. Any suggestions anyone? I know I can train and push myself past the pain, I do it every time I do heavy lifting at work or at home.. But I want it to heal and become strong.
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