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Thread: Running after workout

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    Running after workout

    I read in Mens Fitness that running right after you workout is the best for you any comments on that?

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    Best for you… in terms of body composition?

    Well, if you're trying to lean out, your best course of action is to carefully maintain a small caloric deficit while keeping protein and fat at no lower than 1.0g protein per pound LBM and fat at no lower than 0.5g/lb lbm, to help preserve muscle.

    Heavy lifting in short, strength range sets will also help preserve muscle and harden your body.

    Tack on a little steady-state cardio on the end, say 20-30 minutes, and you'll burn off free fatty acids mobilized by the intense activity and create a bit more of a caloric deficit.

    That being said, slow jogging or fast incline walking may be suitable, but hard running for 30 minutes or more post workout would NOT be advisable.

    And make sure you get in proper post-workout nutrition - protein and carbohydrate - to rebuild the muscle you wrecked lifting.

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    How many more running/cardio questions are you going to ask? When are you gonna listen to me and stop asking idiotic questions and start lifting and eating insanely?


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    From my understanding of exercise nutrition, it makes more sense to do HIIT cardio (rather than LISS) on the days in which you combine weights and cardio in the same session. The reason for this is that lifting and HIIT have similar nutritional protocols. IE: You generally don't want to do HIIT or weight training on an empty stomach, and you want to take in protein and carbs after both.

    On the other hand, LISS is often performed on an empty stomach, with a protein/fat meal for PWO. So the ideal nutrition for HIIT and LISS are basically opposite.


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