I don't know about you guys, I see a lot of people make up their own exercises.

Take today for instance. I watched this guy do about 10 sets of front delt raises with 10lb. dumbbells and proceed to do 10 sets of lateral raises with 5lb. dumbbells. Normally I would ignore people like this, but he had major BO not to mention the fact that he was standing in front of the gym's only fan which blew the BO right across the room (I work out in a really shabby gym).

But the funny part was the exercises that I saw him do. I can't really describe it. Basically it was like a rear delt raise except he threw his back into it to get his arms as high as possible into the air. It really looked like he was trying to fly.

After doing like 10x20 of those "seagulls" he began to do a even stranger exercise where he bent-over slightly and proceeded to rock his arms from front to back with 10lb. dumbbells using a one foot range of motion. I swear he did like 50+ "reps" just standing there wasting his time, not to mention that he was exposing his arm pit to the fan.

After that he began doing other exercises, cable rows etc. but get this, he came back and proceeded to do his sad-excuse of a shoulder routine again.

He must have spent about 2 hours in the gym doing that routine becaused I arrived there later than him, I left a hour later, and he was still there using those 5 lb dumbbells for lateral raises.

So what kind of strange exercises do you guys see at the gym?