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Thread: Game day diet.... what to eat and when??

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    Game day diet.... what to eat and when??

    I tried searching but I couldn't think of good search words to find anything on this. Basically, assuming you have a football game or whatever high intensity sport at around 9pm, and you wake up at 7:30am, what should you be eating throughout the day? Also, when is your last "pre-game" meal and what does it consist of? Thanks!

    P.S. - Should you stop drinking water at any point or just keep drinking water throughout the day and into the time the event starts?
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    Always drink water.

    Diet IMO shouldn't be that different from any other workout. I would have some complex carbs such as oats/etc an hour or two before.
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    just stick with your normal routine. It also matters how long you have been doing the routine. If you have been doing it for awhile just stick with it even when you have games. Unreal is right about drinking alot of water obviously to stay hydrated. My teacher was telling me just today about a national champion wrestler in college who never took a day off from anything no matter what. Its all dedication.


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