Yeah guys I was just wondering if anyone else here has to deal with the problem of not being able to find a machine or other logical way to get enough weight for a calf exercise.

Today I was doing calf extensions on the leg press machine and it was stupid because I had to put on over 6 plates on each side which takes forever. I tried using the Smith machine once for standing calf raises but I had one problem... I couldn't find somethind decent to stand on and allow for a good range of motion. I tried using one of those boxes (it was a few inches off the ground) and hurt my shins pretty badly when I stepped on the edge of it only for it to flip up and hit my shins really hard. I have a feeling the same thing would happen if I tried it on some weight plates also. I've tried the actual standing calf raise machines but noticed that the amount of weight it went up to was not enough for my calves and that it would sometimes cause serious discomfort in the spine (like it was being compressed) when at high weight (but no problem for calves to lift it).

Will I have to switch to one-leg-at-a-time calf raises or something? Is there any other exercise that I haven't though of yet where I could still use both legs at a time?