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Thread: Soreness?

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    I remember when i first started training the day after i felt pretty damn sore, is it normal to feel very little soreness or even no soreness after a workout when you have been training for a while?

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    Yes normal, but just because you dont get sore does not mean you dont grow.

    If you have been using the same program for a while, 8 weeks or more. You might want to change it a bit: do more reps or different exercises. That will also make you sore again, as will having a rest week. But being sore doesn't really mean anything.

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    If you are still making progress in your lifts, than you don't have anything to worry about.

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    Yeah I have been training around 6 years now, and it seemed like the more I trained, and the more experienced I got, the more I could focus. And as I improved my lifts etc. my soreness just got worse and worse.

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    HUGE soreness after a long lay-off. HUGE soreness on max days. Moderate soreness after a short lay-off. Moderate soreness when icreasing weight. Little to no soreness from typical day to day training.

    These guys are right. As long as you have gains, soreness may or may not be a factor. Some say that soreness is the key to gains. I disagree.
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    Soreness is a possible indicator of muscle repair. Presence or absence of DOMS is not an indicator of growth.
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