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Thread: OL resources

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    OL resources

    i'm looking for resources on good reading material for Olympic Lifting. i've read all of dan john's stuff.

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    This site is a pretty good one:

    edit: This is one of my favorite out of the way sites - it is mostly focused on odd lifts, but there is a section for the Olympic lifts also.
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    The odd lifts site is pretty cool. He has a site dedicated soley to oly lifting:

    This site is pretty cool too. Goes into the history with allot of vidoes, ect...:


    And maybe:
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    Sensei, man, that's an awesome site! And not awesome in the slang sense, but as a reference to something so great and amazing as to generate awe in those witnessing it. And all the DL variations... the vertical? The two-bar? Heck, the two man?
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