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Thread: food to go?

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    food to go?

    Whether I'm cutting or bulking, I notice I am hungry almost
    every 2 hours or so... I'm often out, at work, at a movie,
    at a party, wherever... I dont have access to protein
    shakes or healthy food at that time...all I can eat is
    something in my pocket...

    the common solution is to carry a bar like a Power Bar but these
    generally have sugar and lots of fat and nobody really recommends
    these types of energy bars in these forums...

    Any other solution for food on the go other then popular
    energy bars?


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    nuts,trailer mix.If you have time you can always make your own protein bars and carry them around with you
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    I make my own bars their great workout as 420cal/35p/32c/20f taste great
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    bread, bananas, nuts, soynut butter sandwiches or pb, pb more cals probably, peanuts, thats what i take at college.

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    Bulkin? Trailmix and beef jerkey.

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    beef jerky is good...but i dont suggest eating that if your out with a women..
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    Also - if your lifestyle is such that you can't eat as often as you think you need to, you need to either adjust your lifestyle, or deal with not eating as often.

    You may find the latter works best, and that's perfectly OK.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I always take snacks to work with me. Usually something like an oat & honey granola bar, Clif bars, rolled oats, peanuts, string cheese, or yogurt.

    Doesn't beef jerkey have a lot of salt?
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    It's also filled with nitrites.

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    Umm, I think everyone on this board doesn't have 24/7 to eat all day, everyones on the run, working, and trying to hammer down 6 meals. Thats why EVERYTIME I leave the house, I have bags full of future meals. Just cook ahead of time, I carry bags of food to all the places you mentioned, work, movies, concerts, parties. This way I'm never screwed with having to get food while I'm out, and my cal goals are always accomplished.

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    I don't know about pocket sized, except homemade bars, but I eat tons of PB sandwiches and shakes. I make the next day's meals the night before.


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