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Thread: Vascularity Problem Question.

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    Vascularity Problem Question.

    I've never been very vascular in my arms. I've never tried NO or anything of that nature. The past week I've noticed my left arm is more vascular then my right. I tried to figure out why it might be like this. Then I remembered that there were a couple of times when I wrapped my wrist with some tape because it was sore. Could this of caused my arm to vasculate maybe? If so, then would it be safe to put tape on both wrists? If not, what would you recommend to show some vascularity? My arms are solid, so I don't think that there is hardly any fat on them or maybe there is. Thanx

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    It's a combination of genetics and low body fat. I'm pretty sure some people eat sugar before showtime to bring out more veins, but obviously you don't want to do this 24/7.
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    Repeat after me "venation is not perfectly symmetrical". Because you have a vein pop out in one arm doesn't mean it'll pop out in another. And what cabron said.

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