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Thread: lots of questions (again)?

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    lots of questions (again)?

    Hey, i havent been on these boards latley but now the football season is over its time for off season training and i want some peoples advice..before football started my bench reached 255, parallel squat 320, and 500 box(our box aquat is probably different then what alot of you guys do) i now am 5'8" 175 lbs.. im lifting four days a week mon upper body, tues lower body, thurs upper, and friday lower.. i try and do sprints at least 2 days a week.. my main questions are what would you guys suggest for reps and sets on bench cause i think im at a plateau and i usually did 4 sets of no more than 6 reps and for parallel squat i usually do 4 sets similiar to benching... my main goal is to gain speed and get my parallel squat up along with my please suggest anything you feel will help me out because im up to try something and that has been proven to work!! thanks alot for reading and any help!
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    well seeing as your a football player you'll probably want to gain some mass too. I would suggest eating enough food to vomit, 5 times a day. Seriously. Your friends will think you're on steroids. Don't worry about gaining fat either; At your age, and as long as you lift enough, you should be fine.

    If you're interested in some supplements, look up some form of whey and maybe creatine. You might get critizied a bit for that, its a trend in ignorant high school athletes, but you'll make gains so oh well.

    As far as a new routine goes, try looking at these articles:

    An article explaining what westside is:

    something to help you understand the max effort a little better:

    An old westside program to get you started:

    another basic westside program:

    You might also want to try a program like this to put on some mass first. Not sure what position you play, but you're coach will probably be really impressed:
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