I am 66kg, thats about 145lbs. im 19 yrs old and this is my new routine for olympic lifting/ powerlifting
im lifting mainly for mma but i love the sports of olympic lifting and powerlifting so heres my routine.

-Bench day
Bench press 6 sets
Close grip bench press 4 sets

Deadlifts 5 sets
Snatches (olympic) 5 sets
Stiff leg deadlifts 3 sets

Clean then do front squats to failure 5 sets
Clean and jerk 5 sets

Pretty much all lifts will be around 5 reps, kept under 6. I want to get the explosive power for mma.
After about two weeks i will add more assistance exercises, but they will be explosive movements.

here are the results from my first bench workout
bench workout no.1
Bench press
80kg (176lbs)
-6 reps
-5 reps
-5 reps
-4 reps
-3 reps
-2 reps

Close grip bench press
50kg (110 lbs)
-5 reps
-4 reps
-5 reps
-4 reps

As u can see, i went to failure on every set on the bench press, until i failed at 2 reps. It was a good workout and seein as its the first time i benched heavy in a long time i feel good about next week.
benching 176 for 6 reps, and i weight 145lbs, i feel good about that for my first bench workout in a while. Looking forward to increasin the weight by 5kg next week and seeing if i can do the same reps with that weight
i'll let you guys know how my next workout goes,

please leave any advice on my routine, thoughts on my lifts, to let me know what i should change etc