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Thread: Don't want to do dead lifts

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    Don't want to do dead lifts

    I don't want to do deadlifts because they seem to build big traps, and my traps are already big enough, too big almost. I am looking for a well proporionted body, and aesthetically speaking, IMHO, nothing ruins a good looking body like big traps. Believe me I know what I like the look of, and I know my traps don't need to grow anymore until I have an extra 7 inches on my chest. In other words the rest of my upper body needs to catch up.
    However I do like deads for all their other uses, perhaps they don't affect your traps too much, I'm not experienced enough to know. Of course I do squats also, but I miss the deadlift rush. Would it be worth substituting with good mornings.
    Any advice?

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    I say just do deads, if they make your traps bigger it's going to make other things bigger too, so you'll still probably look in the same proportion if you work out your other muscles correctly.

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    Do deads.

    Your body will naturally become more proportionate as you add more size/mass.
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    i love big traps.... and yeah deads do stimulate the traps, but I dont think they hit them enough to throw your physique off.
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    how big are your traps.. post a pic. You can never have too big of anything...I'd call it a head start. =)

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    Replace them with power cleans. Those do nothing for your traps.

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    great excuse.

    the trap only stablizes during a deadlift. your targeting mainly your glutes on the deadlift, traps are involved, but not enough to train deads for.

    i say do them, or at the least, moderate weight deads

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    You can do good mornings, glutle ham raises, pull throughs, various leg curls, etc.
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