Quite a few people perform high volume workouts yet don't see much results( there are some that do well) with their training. What's wrong with high volume you ask? There's nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that most cannot handle it (Arnold was an extreme exception and could do a lot of volume) and IMO, MANY CAN GAIN MUCH MORE MUSCLE WITH LOWER VOLUME AND HIGHER INTENSITY. This is not to say that high volume doesn't work, but many people do way too much and try to target all the different heads and such, but yet they weigh 150 lbs and are looking to gain the most mass possible.

I heard one member saying that as a basic guideline this is the total volume for each muscle group-

legs- 15+ sets
shoulders-12-15 sets
back-12-14 sets
biceps-9-12 sets
triceps-9-12 sets
back-15+ sets
calves-8-10 sets
chest-10-12 sets

WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING, that is way too much for the average person, and especially if those are all working sets.

I have a challenge for those that thrive on high volume workouts, TRY A LOWER VOLUME APPROACH WITH HEAVY BASIC MOVEMENTS for a few months and keep a good diet and get sufficient sleep(7-8 hours), tell me how much you gained. I think you will be surpised.

For those that are always looking for a better routine and a 'mass gain program' (most don't realize it comes from diet), try this out for size. This emphasizes very basic compound lifts that will be sure to pack the mass on.

4 day split( you can switch the days if it is more convenient

Monday- Legs
-back barbell squat- 3x6-8
-hack squat- 3x8-10
-Stiff legged deadlift- 3x10
-calf raise- 4x10-15

Tuesday- Chest/Tris
-Flat Barbell Bench Press- 3x8-10
-Incline Barbell Bench Press- 3x6-8
-Close grip bench- 3x8-10
- skull crushers-2x8

wednesday- Light cardio or take the day off

Thursday- Shoulders/ abs
-Seated Barbell Press- 3x8-10
-upright rows OR side raises- 3x8-10
-crunches or hanging leg raises- 2x15-20
-side crunches- 2x20

Friday- Back/Bi's
-deadlifts- 3x5
-bent over rows- 3x6-8
-barbell curl- 3x8-10
-preacher db curl- 2x10-12

Saturday- Light cardio or take the day off
Sunday- Light cardio or take the day off