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Thread: Moped stories!

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    Moped stories!

    lol, my buddy got a mope this summer. But he hasn't taken me on it, manly because it's illigal. But today we went for a ride, for about half an hour. LOL, we went to the club district, which iwas pretty funny. Because we must have looked extremly gay, we both also were laughng our asses off everytime we stop a red light and there are guys or girls around us. The funnies was on Church street, every single guy looked at us. I wish we worn our Zizzou outfits, that would top it off. Also i thought that the hookers would be funner, they didnt say or do much, just gave us weird looks. Who thought you can have so much fun without alcahol? brilliant. Lol, we almost crashed as well, the bike kinda got cough in the street car track and we almost lost it, funny because there were a bunch of supper thugged out guys around us.
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    2 guys riding a moped on Church Street. Not that unusual to be honest.
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