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Thread: olympic/ powerlifting journal

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    olympic/ powerlifting journal

    I am 66kg, thats about 145lbs. im 19 yrs old and this is my new routine for olympic lifting/ powerlifting
    im lifting mainly for mma but i love the sports of olympic lifting and powerlifting so heres my routine.

    -Bench day
    Bench press 6 sets
    Close grip bench press 4 sets

    Deadlifts 5 sets
    Snatches (olympic) 5 sets
    Stiff leg deadlifts 3 sets

    Clean then do front squats 5 sets
    Clean and jerk 5 sets

    Pretty much all lifts will be around 5 reps, kept under 6. I want to get the explosive power for mma.
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    body weight - 150 lbs
    Bench press 9 rep max - 80kg
    Clean and jerk 2 rep max - 70kg
    (Will update other stats later soon)


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