In the last 2 months I've added 50lbs to my repping ATF squats. Current best is 275 x 8 and it seems to be rising quickly.

I recently encountered some problems with the muscles / cartilage around my knees and I think this quick progression might be the cause. I've had many experienced people watching my form all the time and they say its good. This problem is nothing major and not painful. It is unnoticable when I do squats, I can only feel a slight popping on my lower quad when I lift my heel to my ass.

Anyways, I did squats with knee wraps today and they felt absolutely great. I was able to match my old PR and went much deeper on every rep.

I'm just concerned this could effect leg development. What do knee wraps take away from muscle-wise? Am I going to see problems further down the road if I keep relying on knee wraps? I was only using them on the 3 of 7 sets (the heavy ones).