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Thread: Changing Routine Up HELP Guys...

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    Changing Routine Up - EVERYONE Please Help...

    beercan, Maki, Chris, Paul, Belial, bignate, Delphi, the doc.. I need yours guys help please.

    After training for a while and reading some of the online journals of a few experienced lifters. I am thinking of maybe keeping my current split.. which is the following..
    day1- back, traps, biceps
    day2- rest
    day3- quads, hamstrings, calves
    day4- rest
    day5- chest, delts, triceps
    day6- rest
    day7- rest/start split over

    However.. my specific exercises on each of those specific days really is not getting my anywhere I dont think. I read that you should have ONE basic compound exercise that you ALWAYS do no matter what. Just an exercise that you can progress on etc. After going through my routine I have that exercise on a few bodyparts but not others..
    back- chins
    traps- dumbbell shrugs
    biceps- barbell curls
    quads- leg presses*
    hamstrings- db stiff-legged deads
    chest- weighted dips
    delts- overhead dbs
    triceps- lying ez-bar ext.

    *dont have access to a squat rack

    Do each of these exercises for each specific bodypart look okay? Ill just add whatever other exercises for each bodypart. Totalling around 8 total sets for big muscle groups and maybe less for smaller muscle groups. I honestly just want to make sure that I am using the OPTIMAL exercises to be honest.

    I am curious what do you guys think of the old style of pyramidding weight. For example if I was going to do lets say 3 sets of squats should I start the first with maybe 275 for 10, the second set with 295 for 7-8, and the third set with 310 for 5-6? I havnt emlpoyed this style of sets in around 3 years now. I am not sure why but I have just used straight sets. For example even for shrugs or whatever I am doing Ill just keep using the same weight for all 3 sets. Would you guys recommend this?

    Please help me out guys... I really need it.
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