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3x8 flat bench: 120 lbs. (Barely got the very last rep)
3x8,8,6+2 Dips: Bodyweight +35 lbs, +25 lbs, +25 lbs. (Failure on 6th...rest few seconds did extra 2).
3x8 Dumbell Tricep extension: 15 lbs. dumbell. Weird...it's like my muscles don't feel fatigued but instead it is my elbow joints that's holding me back.
1:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 8/05

3x10,10, 7+3 Flat bench Press: 120 lbs. (unracked on 7th)
3x10,9,6,4 Dips: Bodyweight +25 lbs. (I went for 3x10....I guess that didn't happen).
3x10 Dumbell Tri. Extension: 15 lbs. dumbell (I didn't really complete these reps...)

2x15 on all rotator cuffs.