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Thread: How do YOU do HIT?

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    How do YOU do HIT?

    So after watching a couple of weeks of football, and realizing for the umpteenth time how much of a fat a$$ I am, I am going to start a HIT cardio routine along with a cut. I need some input on how to do the HIT part.

    Do you do sprints alla football gassers or sprint workouts, or do you do intervals of higher intensity with lower intensity intervals inbetween? I am leaning towards the former, as I would like to regain a little of my former lack of speed.

    Basicly I am looking for some examples of HIT routines used by others around here, I can construct either of the two above mentioned types of routines myself, just wondering what others do and why.
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    I think you mean HIIT, right?

    This is how I do 'em:

    Two treadmills, side by side
    One, at 10% grade, 3.5 MPH for fast incline walk.
    the other one, flat grade, 8-9 MPH, for the sprints

    I warm up on the fast incline walk for three minutes, stretch out my hammies, calves and quads, then get back on the walk for 30 seconds, then jump to the sprint-treadmill for 30 seconds.

    This is one complete interval.

    I perform 8 such intervals (8 minutes in total), then finish with another 9 minutes of fast incline walking to burn off the FFAs and cool down.

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    I do 2 minute intervals. Treadmill I use has a interval program. 3.7mph and 8.2mph, 2 minutes. Heart rate normally hits over 170 before I feel like death. Last time I did 14 minutes before I was dead. Afterwards 10 minutes of incline walking.
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    ive done it for 30 minutes, going from walk to sprint for 6 minutes, down to walk for 3, and let me tell you its insane, lol.

    doing it for a mile would be fine.
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    The shorter the interval, the better. I personally do 10 seconds sprint and 20 seconds easy for 10-20 minutes total. I recommend doing these on a track/field or a bike. You won't be able to do short intervals properly on a treadmill. I've also tried them on a crosstrainer and it sucked ass.
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    I've tried HIIT using various peices of equipment, the best being outdoors on a track and on a stepper. And don't be one of the pussies on the stepper who holds up half their bodyweight while doing tiny steps. lol
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