Here is my situation...I used to play football about 1.5 ago, and just worked on strength, and was never really "cut", now I'm a freshmen in college and have cut my weight from about 205 to 170 and now, I'm also 6'0''. I had extra weight as I played linebacker and needed to be around 200 lbs. So I've cut down while lifting on and off the past year. Ready to get back in a routine. I dont lift with anyone so doing things like sqats etc are out of the question. I lift about 4 days a week, tues-friday, as sat and sun are filled with football on tv so dont have time. Currently on tuesday I do like one core exercise with each body part. Wed=chest and tricepts, thursday = bicepts/back friday=shoulders/legs.

Now is this a good style of work out? I do about 3 sets 8-10 reps of each, dont really alter the weights during sets like I used to do. I'm not trying to get huge or toned just in the middle. One thing that bugs me is my weightroom doesn't have much variation, I do the same 4 excercises with each body part each week and your supposed to switch up the workout right, so you dont get to used to doing the same thing over? Any help would be appreciated on if my assesment of my workout is right.