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Thread: is it possible to lose muscle on a 3 week break?

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    is it possible to lose muscle on a 3 week break?

    I just finished a 4 month bulk from 178 to 204ish. I've laid off the gym for 3 weeks and my protein intake as been far below 1g/pound. I've also lost 5 pounds which i'm presuming is mostly fat. Is it possible that some of the loss is also muscle?

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    If you're worried about it, start eating and lifting again...

    Some of it may have been muscle, yes.

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    I'm gonna say yes. I took a 3 week break, and though I did have pneumonia, i lost 20 pounds, and while alot of that was fat, i lost 30 pounds off my bench, 50 pounds off my squat, and about 30 off my hex deadlift
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    i read some where that it takes 5-6 weeks for atrophy to kick in...I would say no...

    as for you lifts, I think you will see some drop in your normal repping weights but those will come back quickly.

    3 weeks is not a big layoff. So dont worry about it so much. Just it hard now that your back...
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