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    The Long Road

    I've created a fourth journal because I have absolutely promised myself that it's time to start tracking progress/techniques/lifting theories, so I can understand how my body works and what I need to tweak to make it work better.

    I've entitled this journal "The Long Road" for several reasons. First and foremost, I've become quite fond of an anabolic compound we all refer to as 'test'. So fond, in fact, that I've been on for 7.5 months at this point. As many of you know, I went through serious surgery back in March. As a result, I could not eat/lift for weeks and I lost 25+ lbs of mostly muscle. I decided at this point to start treating myself to a steady diet of testosterone, so I could recover as fast as possible. This was not a bad idea to begin with.

    I started out weighing in at 215 after the surgery ( down from a previous weight of 240+). I slowly and steadily worked back up to my currently weight, which, as of last night, was 251 lbs. My strength WAS back to normal or above normal so I was feeling pretty good. As soon as I got back from my honeymoon a week ago I tried to deadlift. To my dismay I could barely break 405 without a severe amount of pain. You can see my totals in my sig, so 405 should be light weight. I've yet to go to a doc, but suffice to say, I cant deadlift or squat for a while.

    Back to the point. I promised my wife, on our wedding night, that I would get anabolics out of my life. Considering I've done 3 cycles since starting in January 2004 and now, it's going to be a long and scarey process.

    So you can see the point I am at. I will be dropping my 7+ month cycle soon, and I am seriously injured. This is going to make for some strength/muscle loss, that amount, is yet to be determined. That depends on how I handle recovery in both aspects (injury and anabolics).

    At this point, my plan is to run through my remaining supply of test and recover from my injury (whatever it may be). Once this is done, I drop the cycle and start the long/depressing road to natural training (the phrase makes me cringe).

    Keeping all this in mind, here goes.

    Just wanted to document the last two workouts. Nothing spectacular, trying to go easy on my back/legs. No squats/dealifts/anything that requires bending down or picking anything up.

    Legs 11/05
    Leg Press (plate=45 lbs)
    6 platesx12
    8 platesx12
    10 platesx12
    12 platesx12
    14 platesx10
    16 platesx8
    18 platesx8
    20 platesx6
    22 platesx4
    22 platesx4
    22 platesx4

    Seated OHP

    HS Hammie curls
    100 lbs per sidex12 for 2 sets

    DB Shrugs
    115x10 for 5 sets

    Upper 11/6
    Bench Press

    Narrow Grip parallel lat pulldowns

    Tricep Pulldowns
    100x10 for 4 sets

    Criticisms welcome.

    I may have go go ahead and shell out the money to see a doc about my back. No real problems with the above movements, as I left out lower back altogether.
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