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Thread: Protein Suppliments and Appetite

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    Protein Suppliments and Appetite

    About two weeks ago, I started integrating a protein shake into my daily routine, and before this time I hadn't used any protein suppiments. Ever since then, I've noticed that I need more food throughout the day to curb my appetite, about one more (small) meal daily. While I'm certainly not complaining (I'm 5'10" and 140 lb., need all the cals I can get), I'm just wondering if it's typical to experience increased hunger as you take in more protein.

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    Increased hunger, I don't think so...protein shakes aren't really satiating, though...especially if you're speaking of whey protein.

    Is this the only thing that changed? Have you started eating less fatty foods? More carbs?
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    I just started taking a protein powder and when I got it my microbiologist wife wanted to look at it. After she read the label she looked at me and said "The IgF-1 in this is probably going to increase your appetite."

    So I took a good look at the label and it said "Do not use this product if trying to lose weight," and this was on a pretty low cal protein powder so I think it is safe to say that my wife was right. At least about that powder.
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