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Thread: HELP I need to loose 3 pounds of bodyfat!!

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    HELP I need to loose 3 pounds of bodyfat!!

    So wrestling season has started and my goal is to wrestle at 160 pounds. My current weight is 168 before practice, and I usually loose about 5 pounds of water weight during practice. I do not want to loose any more then this for weigh ins, meaning I need to loose about 3 pounds of bodyfat (or mostly bodyfat, I can deal with loosing a little bit of muscle) by November 29th, our first duel.

    In an ideal world I would do this slowly, I know. I would track my calories on and gradually get to my target weight of 165 before practice. I do not live in an ideal world. I don't have time to loose weight gradually and I simply do not have time to log all of my calories on to fitday with a rigorous school schedule and a two hour wrestling practice every day.

    Originally I though I would loose a good three pounds of water weight when I stopped taking creatine. Whatever water weight I did loose was marginal when I stopped taking it a week ago was marginal.

    So basically, I need your help! Can it be done effectivly? I could probably get down to 160 without loosing any body fat and just cut 8 pounds of water weight, but I would feel like crap. I could not function in school, practice or my match, plus the mental and physical strain would be too much for an entire season.

    I have been trying to keep my meals small and high in protein with plenty of vegetables, but I honestly do not know that much about nutrition. I've cut most refined foods out of my diet but some are hard to get around. Here is a sample days meal:

    Breakfast, 7 AM:

    1/2 cup Oatmeal with some cinnamon and brown sugar
    Protein shake mixed with water

    Snack, 10 AM:

    Usually a grilled chicken tender (4-6 ounces maybe?) with a handful of carrots, grapes and celery.
    20 Ounces of Water.

    Lunch, 11:30 or 12:30 (depending on day):

    Sandwich, either peanut butter and jelly or Lunch meat (pastrami, ham or turkey) with swiss cheese and tomato. No mayonaise. I always use wheat bread. 20 oz of gatorade.

    Snack, 2 PM:

    Granola Bar and Banana.

    Practice, 2:45-5 o clock:
    Immediatly after I'll usually drink plenty of water or gatorade and a protein shake.

    Dinner, around 6:30:

    Dinner varies, usually whatever my parents cook. I try to eat a small portion high in protein and low in carbs. Tonight it was beef stew in a crockpot, (beef, carrots, potatoes, etc.). Other nights it might be speghetti or grilled chicken.

    Snack, 10 PM:

    half cup of cottage cheese with a little bit of yogurt.

    This is what I've been on for the past week and so far I haven't lost any noticable weight (I know, I'm being pretty impatient). I'm looking for any suggestions or a whole new diet entirly. I'm getting kind of nervouse because our first duel is getting nearer and my weight is staying the same. Plus I'm already starting to feel pretty tired in practice.

    I'm not sure what my bodyfat is, but here is a picture from the summer. I'm thinking its about the same as then:
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Stats: 11/15/07-First-meet--2nd Meet----3rd meet
    Weight: 185-----187---------198---------198
    Max Bench: 255---220-----------280------300
    Max Squat: 405----395----------440------460
    Max Dead:475-----485----------551------570
    CHINUPS - Bodyweight + 135, x1, dead hang. Still working on the one arm chinup.


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