I should start this thread by telling you about my routine leading up to breakfast.

I work from 7am to 6pm
at 6pm i hit the gym to do weights for about 1-1.5 hours about 5-6 days a week
at 7:30 i go home and usually have a high protein, low carb dinner
either some chicken, steak, or about 5-6 eggwhites with toast, bum something

the next morning i"m up at 5:30am
grab a morning coffee and bagel
get to work and am starving....usually have a protein bar or shake
by 9am I'M STARVING ready to eat a 4 course dinner
i can't help this

I work on a trading floor so I really have little free time to be selective about what i eat, and because i get up so early, i'm in no mood to make a decent breakfast

to describe my body type
I'm 6'3" about 205-210
do cardio mainly in the summer months
weights throughout the year, always trying to get bigger
to describe I can bench 275
shoulder press 220
curl 45s in each hand
these are the weights i work with, always trying to increase
I am lacking in the leg department, but its a new year's resolution
in addition it should be noted that i used to weigh over 310pounds back in 98
and got down to this weight by 2000
so gaining weight is always a concern of mine, its like i drink water and my waist size goes up a inch, so although i like bulking, i try not to gain any more body fat then i have....

now on to my dilemma, I'm trying to find a breakfast that will fill me up to at least from 7-11am, that is low in fat, high in protein, i don't mind eating carbs in the morning, they make me feel better i've noticed
but i'm not interested in eating food that is going to make me fat
can someone tell me what i should be eating, needs to be quick easy and something i can just leave in the fridge or in my kitchen at work through the entire week

thanks guys