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Thread: Cheerleading stunt power

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    Cheerleading stunt power

    Hello I am a cheerleader and was wondering if anyone has any specific exercises for me.

    First let me explain what I’m trying to do, I want to get my toss better.

    Basically this is what a toss consists of:

    1) Start with hands on hips of the girl
    2) Dip with the girl and when she jumps stand up
    3) As she goes up I extend my arms strait up with her body
    4) When my arms are extended I “Flick” with my hands and let go
    5) Catch the girl with arms extended over head

    A flick is basically like throwing a Frisbee you use your wrist and hands at the same time to throw a little bit more. Also my arms have to be bent the whole time until I catch her.

    My problem is I’m not very explosive. Anyone have any exercises that can speed up and add to power of this type of motion? (Basically I want to throw the bitch higher)

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    Power Cleans seem like they would help you. Here is a link that shows and explains what they are:
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    Power snatch.

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    push press. clean the barbell and then jerk it for reps
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    olympic lifts in general, it seems

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    Quote Originally Posted by poopboypat
    .. (Basically I want to throw the bitch higher)

    I died when I read this....

    What everyone else said. Olympic lifts.

    Also, you could try using kettle bells if you have access to them because they might simulate lifting a person more closely than a barbell would.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poopboypat
    (Basically I want to throw the bitch higher)

    Quote Originally Posted by Wierz
    I died when I read this...
    Me too.

    Being a male cheerleader has to be a great gig. For all the wrong reasons of course :evillaugh
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    ROFL at all the inuendo in this thread..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixmasterNash
    Power snatch.
    Real nice Nash.
    He starts talking about cheerleaders and you have to say something about snatch.
    I mean really.

    But seriously though, everybody was right- hit up your oly lifts.
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    ok, thanks for all the responces!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattanshrager
    then jerk it for reps
    hahaha :evillaugh


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