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Thread: Dislocated Shoulder

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    Dislocated Shoulder

    I seperated my shoulder on Tuesday, 8th. Dislocation of my right shoulder, which is my dominant arm. I was taken to the hospital and the attending orthopedic popped it back into place while I was knocked out.

    Next day, I went to my ortopedic surgeon and he took some more x-rays and determinded that there were no fractures or chips to the bone. So I'm fortunate for that, but no MRI, so I'm clueless whether I may have some muscle or tendon tears or what have you.

    My follow up appointment is on 11-30. Right now, my only instructions are to keep my arm in an immobilizer for another week. It still pops and cracks about everytime I move it. I'll probably need some phyiscal therapy.

    What I'm asking is has anyone else been in this situation, your experiences with this injury, and about when is it safe to enter the gym again and start again? Things to expect and be aware of?

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    I'm sure your Dr will cover all of that in your appointment. If you still have popping and clicking I wouldn't even be worried about getting back into the gym. I'm sure that they will send you for an MRI one he looks you over if he has any doubt of a possible tear. I just had one of my tendons fixed and I'm stuck in a sling for 6 weeks! My surgeon also said to expect 6-12 months for a full recovery and that there could be a possibility that I lose some range of motion.

    So far in my should injury experience... be patient (I know it takes 3-4 weeks to get an appt each time)

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    I also had a shoulder operation about a year and a half ago, it proved to me that surgery doesnt fix everything...


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