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Thread: Carbs, Fat, or Protein?

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    Carbs, Fat, or Protein?

    For Optimal gains whilst bulking...

    At least 1.0g protein per pound LBM
    At least 0.5g fat per pound LBM
    Excess calories

    To ensure muscle growth I am taking currently taking in 170 grams of protein and 90 grams of fat at a bodyweight of 125. That only brings me to about 1550 calories. Yes I do eat plenty of carbs, but that brings me to my question.

    Where are the extra calories to come from? The majority of the scientific community always cites the benefits of high carb diets for athletes. But when I look at the online journals here, many bulking diets are overwhelmingly filled with protein. And then there is the crowd that favors high fat diets. This may seem like a simple question, but when there are so many roads to the same place it's nice to know the fastest route.

    So where should the added energy come from? Carbs, Fats, or Protein?

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    I tend to use fat as a caloric ballast, others use carbs for this, or both. You'll just have to try some different strategies and see what works the best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan936
    For Optimal gains whilst bulking...
    fill your fridge and cupboards with only healthy, quality bulking foods.

    1)pig out until your stomach hurts

    2)wait 2 hours

    3)repeat #1

    4)when out of food, refill with same healthy high quality bulking foods
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    I like to have alot of protein in my diet as i like the food types and protein powder is easier than cooking really. i try and keep fats up as much as possible and control the carbs. my protein consumption is always high i guess its just the way i eat
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    who doesn't love carbs i keep my protein and fats high
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