Two weeks ago I tweaked something in my right shoulder. It happened when I was doing wide grip pull-ups. Following the 'if it hurts see a doctor' thing (for once) I've made an appointment. The earliest is early next year (mid January) which means that by the time I see a doc I'll most likely be healed (maybe poorly). God bless doctor shortages.

Last week I ran through some really light sets to see what hurt and what didn't.

Fine: Standing military press, Bent over BB rows, SLDL, BB curl, Standing Lat Raise, Shrugs

Questionable: Deadlift, Bench Press, Assisted Dips

Sucked: DB shoulder press (negative portion), Hammer Curl, DB Bench, French Press, Lat Pull Down, Pull Up, cleaning the bathtub, eating, touching my left shoulder with my right hand

Shoulders are already my weakest group. I really don't want to take a few months off working my upper body until the doctor can poke me three times and go 'you're fine'. I can do a lot of exercises without bugging it... should I focus on those?

And what the hell could I have tweaked?