Ive been working my own routine for about a year, and i thought id switch it up for a change. My old routine was as followed:

Monday: Biceps+ Back
3 bicep, 3 back exercies, usually with 3x10
Wensday: Chest +Triceps
3 chest, 3 tri's, again about 3x10
Friday: Shoulders+ Legs
3 of each. 3x10

My goal is to try to tightin up, get stronger, and also tightin my gut. Which isint that big,

So my question is, could i do cardio on my off days with the new routine? or will that effect my gains? because to lose my gut, and get abs which, since i was at one time much bigger, is one of my main goals, i need to do lots of cardio, right? I usually run 30 minute soni a tread mill on my cardio days.2-3 times a week.

Also, my diet is usually a bit sketchy. The typical teenage diet i guess. But im trying to work on it. I eat lots of carbs, but i also eat lots of protein. Are carbs as horrible as people make them out to be, because im quite the picky eater, and most of my daily eats, are carbs.